Zero AgroWaste 2018 Competition Theme

Zero AgroWaste

2018 Competition Theme

Why Palm Trees?

The Palmae family include a wide variety of species (e.g. date, coconut, oil, doum, sugar, etc.). They’re considered the main source of livelihood for significant sectors of the world population. The main product (cash crop) was the focus of growers, startups and investors. Their by-products (secondary products) received little attention from the scientific community.

Most palm species have similar by-products of annual pruning including; palm leaflets, midribs, fruit branches and coir, as well as the trunk at the end of palm life. These by-products may represent a sustainable material base for a wide spectrum of industries ranging from compost, medium density fiberboards (MDF), block boards, and pulp, up to fiber reinforcements for advanced composites. This opens a wide potential for the sustainable development of rural areas possessing palm plantation.

The theme of Zero Agro“Waste” Competition 2018 is

“the rediscovery of palm by-products as resources for the sustainable development”

And the main objectives are:

  • To bring together ideas, researchers, investors, experts and startups working in the area of industrial utilization of palm by-products and provide a platform for a live dialogue and exchange of experience between them.
  • To rediscover palm by-products and maximize their added-value via using them as industrial materials that can help in the sustainable development of vast rural & urban areas in different countries in the World, especially in the South.
  • To establish an international network of scientists, artisans, and industry professionals active in the area of palm by-products R&D, manufacturing, and crafts.
  • To make wealth from “waste” by supporting ideas and startups to develop by-products industry and create jobs by encouraging inclusive innovation.
  • To spread the culture of “Not Wastes, but By-products” between the public to encourage them to benefit from the sustainable resources.

Zero AgroWaste

Competition Areas

  • Building (ceiling, flooring, fencing, bricks, trusses, bridges, shades, block boards, particle, boards, MDF, etc.)
  • Furniture pieces.
  • Home and office utensils and toys.
  • Sport accessories.
  • Fibers for the reinforcement of polymer composites.
  • Means of transport (cars, busses, trains, etc.).
  • Food products.
  • Pharmaceutical products.
  • Fodder.
  • Compost.
  • Gardens and parks.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Textiles and dresses.
  • Geotextiles.
  • Biochar.
  • Activated carbon.